Makeover of the öV Plus App

Despite the Corona pandemic, our Mobile Applications team has not been sleeping. Together with BERNMOBIL and the UI/UX designers/specialists from we are cube3, we gave the öV Plus app a makeover over the last 12 months. The application was reprogrammed, the user interface was redesigned and finally we tested the app with our users. So there have been changes not only in the visual area, but also in the technical area.


Improved usability and user experience
One of the main goals in launching the new öV Plus app was to gain increased user acceptance from users. Thanks to the refreshed design and better structures, users can now find their way around the application even faster. According to feedback, the user experience has also improved. The user interface is adapted to the operating system, so some users already feel "at home" after a short time.

New software development: "We have fluttered a lot"
Until now, the ÖV Plus application was available as two native apps for the two platforms iOS and Android. The makeover of the app has now been developed in "Flutter". Flutter is an open-source UI development kit from Google. On the one hand, this cross-platform framework combines the advantages as we know them from hybrid development environments like Xamarin, Ionic, Cordova and Phonegap, namely that you can work with the same code base for all platforms, but on the other hand you also know the advantages of pure native app development because the output is effectively a natively compiled app for the respective platform. So you don't have to make any compromises in terms of the feel and performance of the app. Working with one code base also reduces development time and guarantees that all platforms are always at the same level. By choosing Flutter, we can offer our customer BERNMOBIL a stable and well thought-out overall package on the development side, which is rightly at the cutting edge of technology.

Increased data quality through VDV736 extension
The Vertriebsverbund Luzern VVL has decided to abandon its own app and now also use the öV Plus app. In order for the disruption information of the VVL transport companies to be displayed in the ÖV Plus App, the two disruption manager systems of the VVL and BERNMOBIL have been connected via a VDV736 interface. VDV736 is the new industry standard for exchanging incident information among transport operators. In 2022, a new national incident data hub will be put into operation via which incident information based on this new VDV736 standard can be exchanged throughout Switzerland. Glue's Incident Manager customers will be served promptly with this extension, so that they can submit incident information to the central data hub and also obtain incident information from other transport companies. With the use of a first version of this interface in this project, Glue has taken a first step into the future. BERNMOBIL uses the exchange platform "Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen" (VDV) for the exchange of incident reports in the backend. Until today, the öV Plus app had VDV XY and VDV interfaces from the VDV. The VDV736 interface has been newly implemented, this offers an even higher data quality and XY advantage.

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The öV Plus app at a glance.

Timetable & traffic information
- Real-time timetable for the region and beyond
- Timetable from the location to any address in Switzerland
. - Up-to-date departure monitor for stops in the vicinity
- Timetable information from door to door
- Next departures from the stop
- Favourite functions for destinations, connections and much more
- Push notifications for timetable deviations of the favoured lines

- Tickets for city and regional transport of the engadin mobil, Libero, Passepartout , Schwyz and TransReno associations: single tickets, day tickets and multiple journey tickets.
- Tickets for the whole of Switzerland: route and saver tickets, saver day tickets, city tickets
. - Save SwissPass in the app
. - Easy payment with credit and debit cards, TWINT, REKA Card, Apple and Samsung Pay
- Check-in Check-out feature with FAIRTIQ

- Display of surrounding stops based on current position
. - Display of surrounding maps in hybrid mode as satellite image
. - Search for stops and addresses
- Display of stop-specific information
- Display of many points of interest such as bike rental stations, car parks, public and cultural facilities such as museums, embassies, cinemas and restaurants