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As a pioneer in the field of SMS solutions, we have been working closely with all Swiss mobile phone providers since 1997. In a constantly changing media landscape, SMS has proven to be a constant and important form of communication for our customers.

In a world where instant messaging and push notifications dominate, SMS remains a reliable and efficient method to engage customers specifically. Learn more about our wide range of SMS solutions aimed at increasing your efficiency and enhancing customer loyalty.

Use Cases for SMS Solutions

Our SMS solutions are flexible and easily integrable into internal company processes or existing software solutions.

Customer Communication

  • Notifications and Updates: Inform customers about order status and deliveries via SMS.
  • Appointment Reminders: Remind customers of upcoming appointments via SMS.
  • Payment Notifications: Send payment confirmations, reminders, and links to customers via SMS.
  • Customer Feedback and Surveys: Collect opinions and feedback from customers via SMS.

Interactive SMS Solutions

  • Surveys and Information Requests: Gather opinions, information, and feedback from customers, providing them with an SMS query service.
  • Example: For banks, we have implemented various SMS solutions allowing customers to inquire about account balances, transactions, or incoming payments.
  • Reference Project: The Federal Office for the Environment (BAFU) offers a free SMS query service for hydrological data. This service allows querying hydrological data from around 170 automatic measuring stations of the BAFU on Swiss watercourses and lakes via SMS. More info

Customer Support

  • SMS Support: Provide fast and effective customer support through SMS solutions.
  • Example: Insurance companies offer their customers the option to report claims and handle support via SMS.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Use SMS for secure user authentication and password recovery.
  • Security Notifications: Send security notifications to customers for suspicious activities or potential security breaches.


  • Order and Delivery Notifications: Inform customers about order and delivery status via SMS.

Event Management

  • Event Notifications: Inform participants about event details, changes, and instructions via SMS.

Emergency Management and Information Delivery

  • Emergency Notifications: Inform citizens via SMS about natural disasters or security threats.
  • Reference Project: The municipality of Oberried, which is regularly affected by avalanches, offers its citizens an SMS query service for road conditions, avalanches, and snow closures.
  • Information Delivery: Information can be delivered, for example, via SMS subscription to individuals.
  • Reference Project: The RBS informs interested commuters about major disruptions in the RBS network via SMS. More info

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Roland Loser
Head of Mobility Solutions

Advantages of SMS Solutions

High Open Rate: SMS are typically opened within a few minutes on average.
Direct Delivery: Your messages are usually delivered immediately.
Broad Reach: Every mobile phone, regardless of the device or operating system.
Clear Communication: SMS enables precise information delivery.
Security: Use SMS for secure two-factor authentication and confidential communication.

SMS Club: Our SMS Sending Solution
For many years, we have been offering individuals and businesses the opportunity to send SMS messages cost-effectively and easily without monthly fixed costs through the SMS service of Glue Software Engineering. Learn more about SMS Club

Why SMS Solutions from Glue Software Engineering?
Our passion for innovation and our in-depth expertise in SMS solutions and software engineering make us your ideal partner. Our goal is to develop tailor-made solutions that support your business goals.

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