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For over 15 years, Glue Software Engineering’s Mobility Solutions division has specialized in innovative IT solutions and services for public transport in Switzerland.
We proficiently cover the core IT needs of public transport, including: tailored consulting for Swiss transport companies, mobile application development, and the management and communication of event and incident notifications. Our aim is to achieve the successful combination of maximum customer benefit and compelling value for money.

Our intelligent public transport solutions are based on a microservices architecture and can be precisely tailored to the needs of each individual company. Our team has extensive experience in public transport and continuously develops our solutions to the highest industry standards.

Explore our powerful
public transport solution portfolio:

  • Incident Manager: Manages and publishes passenger information, including event and incident notifications.
  • Case Manager: In addition to Incident Manager features, Case Manager enables the creation of live tickers for incidents and provides convenient internal communication, such as summoning of personnel during incidents.
  • Display Manager: Enables online management of passenger information for web-based monitors in public transport.
  • App Development: Specializes in the development of mobile apps such as Progressive Web Apps (PWA), native, and hybrid apps.
  • Journey Planner: Based on a proprietary routing engine, enables multimodal journey planning, integratable via an interface into websites and mobile applications.
  • E-Ticketing: Integrates SwissPass and NOVA for selling tickets for various lines and fare zones of public transport.
  • Shared Mobility: Our Mobility Solutions team also offers expertise and experience in the field of Shared Mobility.

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Explore a selection of software solutions and app developments created by our Mobility Solutions team:

Gain a more detailed insight into the specific application of Glue IT public transport solutions by reading the success story of BERNMOBIL.

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