Bikesharing provider PubliBike relies on safe operation


8'100'000 km - that's the number of kilometres covered by PubliBike customers in 2020. This is around 200 circumnavigations of the earth! Running a platform like this requires a partner you can rely on. That's where our sister company fence IT AG, which specialises in secure IT application operations, comes into play.


About PubliBike

Every year, PubliBike grows with several newly installed stations and vehicles. Since the introduction of the new system in 2017, the PubliBike family counts around 150,000 members. Users have access to over 5,100 vehicles in Switzerland and can rent a regular bike or an e-bike. The bikesharing system is an ideal complement to public and private transport for short distances and relieves urban traffic.


The PubliBike offer integrates perfectly into the sustainable concept Multimodal Mobility from the Federal Office of Transport. Results can already be seen in analyses of CO2-emissions. PubliBike customers were able to save a total of 1.328 million kg of CO2 in 2020. This benefits not only their health, but also our environment.


IT operation of PubliBike.

In order for PubliBike members to be able to use the service, various softwares have to be operated securely in the background. The sharing provider has decided to choose a Swiss partner for the IT operation, which meets the highest ICT standards and is technically also a secure solution for users.

The Glue Group has already been supporting PubliBike for 4 years with experienced system engineers from our sister company fence IT AG with individual solutions. Thanks to their know-how, the central PubliBike application, the website and the internal systems are operated securely and reliably. fence IT AG operates all customer systems in redundant Swiss data centres according to ISO 27001-certified operating processes and in compliance with the requirements of the Swiss Hosting label.


At fence IT AG, the needs of the customers and security are the most important focus points. For PubliBike and its complex IT systems, with the integration of many peripheral systems and a complex communication structure, a custom-fit solution with an optimal cost-benefit ratio was found.


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