New Executive Board member Urs Nacht

We are pleased to introduce Urs Nacht as the new member of our management team. Since September 1st, Urs Nacht has joined the leadership team at Glue Software Engineering. With his extensive experience as a Senior Software Engineer at Glue, Urs Nacht brings valuable expertise to our management.

Urs Nacht has an impressive professional career. He joined Glue Software Engineering almost 30 years ago, in 1994, and has continuously enriched the company with his expertise. His long-standing dedication and commitment to the company's development led to his becoming a partner in 2010.

Impressive Professional Career and Diverse Expertise Urs Nacht brings a wide range of industry experience, including expertise in E-Government and web portals. He began his academic journey at the University of Bern, where he studied computer science, mathematics, and microelectronics, earning his degree as a computer scientist (lic. phil. nat. / MSc) in 1993. He further deepened his knowledge through training in Security & Privacy and as a Professional Scrum Master. He regularly participates in events such as the Berner Architekten Foren BAT, the Java User Group CH, and Guild 42's gatherings.

Diverse Skills and Software Development Experience
Like many other Glue employees, Urs Nacht has gained versatile skills and experience in various areas of software development through internal and external projects. These include software and solution architectures, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Java Message Service (JMS), distributed object-oriented systems, object-oriented system architecture, and web services (SOAP, REST). This enables us to successfully execute technologically demanding projects for our clients.

Current Projects and Responsibilities
Urs Nacht is currently a solution architect at a customer, where he works on various projects and applies his expertise. Since September, he has been part of the Glue executive board and will continue to work for our customers despite his new responsibilities.

Continuity and Dedication to Our Clients
We are delighted to welcome the latest addition to our management team. At Glue Software Engineering, we value having long-standing team members and/or partners in leadership positions. This not only acknowledges their commitment but is also crucial for our company and our loyal clients. These leaders are intimately familiar with our company, understand our clients' needs, and, with their experience, form a solid foundation for shaping the future of Glue Software Engineering and providing optimal support to our clients.

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