30 years Glue: a unique journey through time

Welcome to a fascinating journey through three decades of Glue Software Engineering! This article takes a brief look at the milestones milestones and the continuous growth of this visionary company since its foundation in 1993.

The Beginnings (1993)
Glue Software Engineering was founded 30 years ago. The first years were characterised by IT administration, telecommunications and training in programming and object-orientated technologies. During this time, events such as the worldwide spread of the Internet and the Intel Pentium processor shaped the technological landscape.

The first steps (1993-1997)
In 1996, the company was transformed into a public limited company. Important projects were realised in the following years, including the development of the management software for the ATM switch in collaboration with Ascom and the development of courses on object-oriented technologies at the Software School in Berne.

1995 marked the worldwide triumph of the Internet, while Windows 95 had a lasting impact on the computer world.

The world of Internet technologies blossomed with the introduction of the Google search engine in 1998. We were there – with an "ultra-modern" web presence:

Expansion with web portals and SMS services (1998 - 2002)
With the rise of the Internet portals of all major telecoms providers, there was a need for content with direct customer benefits. Glue was able to deliver at exactly the right time with its own innovations "electronic telephone book" and "SMS dispatch" (from the website to the mobile phone).

Various SMS services were designed and developed under the "HandyButler" brand. The directory enquiry service via SMS for customers (short code 1818) or under the company's own name (short code 4411) were pioneering projects. A wide range of applications such as competitions, mass mailing and premium services were realised. The use of SMS in public transport is particularly noteworthy, especially with the SBB 222 timetable enquiry service and the SBB commuter alarm, which established throughout Switzerland.

In 2000, Glue Software Engineering focussed on the further development of software technology. Our training courses focussed on programming with objects and C++, and countless participants programmed the legendary game "Snake" using various programming techniques. The main topics were the development of distributed object-oriented applications, object-oriented software development with UML, design pattern workshops and training courses on XML and web services.

In 2003, we celebrated our 10th anniversary together with our clients and partner companies in the Liliput circus.

Heading for new shores: eGovernment & Public Transport Solutions (2003 - 2010)
From 2003 onwards, Glue began to become increasingly involved in eGovernment. Various applications in the field of legal informatics, concepts for secure data transmission, delivery platforms, signature solutions and register solutions still form an important pillar of the Glue Group to this day

In 2009, Glue began developing mobile applications for public transport, including the MEZI real-time information service. Today, these solutions include real-time departure times and disruption information, departure displays on web panels, the disruption manager and the mobile operations assistant MBA.

Foundation of the Glue Group, information security, and further growth (2010-2015)
Glue's new group structure was established with the founding of Glue Holding AG in 2010 and fence IT AG in 2011. With the ISO 27001 certification of fence IT AG in its founding year, we were able to utilise new synergies between software engineering and operations. This was particularly important for federal projects such as ordering extracts from criminal records. In 2013, we celebrated our 20th anniversary with an unforgettable weekend in Samnaun. Here we not only celebrated our business successes, but also deepened our friendships.

Integration of basis06 and continuity (2015-2022)
In 2015, basis06 AG became part of the Glue Group as an expert in the field of business intelligence. Glue was significantly involved in the development of Twint and introduced the electronic local signature software eSignR in 2022.

Glue Software Engineering AG continues to focus on projects in the areas of e-government, public administration and mobility solutions. With a wide range of services, Glue remains at the forefront of software development.

fence IT AG continues to operate applications securely in a Swiss cloud based on ISO 27001-certified processes. Basis06 also remains true to its core business and successfully implements various business intelligence solutions for our customers.

30 years of the Glue Group (2023)
As part of its thirtieth anniversary, Glue not only celebrated with nostalgic memories: we looked beyond the virtual fence of the IT world with hands-on workshops. The newly introduced MINT'talks format will continue to provide us with exciting insights into areas of technology in the future.

Discover the highlights of our anniversary year and experience the magical moments of our anniversary celebrations through these impressions: To the picture gallery

We would like to thank all our employees, customers and partners and look forward to the next 30 years of innovation, growth and success!