Progressive web app for BERNMOBIL driving staff

In collaboration with BERNMOBIL, the leading transport company in the Bern region, we have developed an innovative Progressive Web App (PWA) specifically tailored to the needs of driving personnel to make their daily work more efficient and easier.

Innovative solution for BERNMOBIL: The genesis of the eAgenda Web App
BERNMOBIL, the leading transport company in the Bern region, was faced with the challenge of replacing their existing driving personnel solution. Although the driving staff could work with the existing solution, important functions were missing. The goal was to develop a customised solution that would enable the driving personnel to optimally prepare for their journeys and manage them easily and efficiently. Working with our Mobility Solutions team, BERNMOBIL decided to develop a Progressive Web App (PWA), known internally as eAgenda.

What are Progressive Web Apps?
Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are modern web applications that combine the best features of websites and native apps. They offer a reliable and fast user experience, are cross-platform compatible and can be installed on the home screen without visible browser elements. One of their most important features is offline capability, allowing users to perform certain tasks without an internet connection. PWAs are also cheaper, secure, easy to find via search engines and do not require installation via app stores.

Focus on usability: The functions of the eAgenda Web App
The new eAgenda, developed by Glue Software Engineering, was designed specifically for BERNMOBIL's driving staff. This Progressive Web App (PWA) offers a wealth of functions to make the daily work of driving personnel easier and more efficient.

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• Ride service information: The app provides clear information on services, available routes, exact routes and condition of vehicles, including possible damage.
• Journey management: Journeys can be displayed in a daily or weekly view, helping drivers to better organise their work.
• Sign-in confirmation: The app makes it easier to start work by providing a simple one-click registration confirmation.
• Instructions/Messages: Preparing for duty includes reading instructions and messages. Unread information is highlighted with a red exclamation mark.
• Car tour: Like pilots, the driving personnel also make a safety check before the journey. The completed carriage round can be acknowledged with just one click.
• Substitute driving: The driving personnel can easily take over the duties of colleagues by transferring all the necessary information with a simple import process.
• Driving quality indicators: In order to increase the driving quality, an overview of the RIBAS driving quality key figures in comparison to the average of the BERNMOBIL Group helps the driving personnel.
• Phone list: A practical telephone list with direct call links.
• Web links: A collection of links to important resources such as the BIK driving portal, intranet and instruction tool.
• Route display on map: A map view of all BERNMOBIL routes, in which setting and adjustment routes, bypasses, refuelling routes, bollards and barriers can be seen.
• PDF manuals: The app allows access to vehicle manuals with a PDF viewer optimised by us, which renders PDFs in HTML.
• Link to «Brandaktuell»: Connection to the CaseManager developed by Glue for efficient communication of incident reports.

A big thank you to BERNMOBIL
We would like to thank BERNMOBIL and in particular Maxie Opatz, who is largely responsible for the success of the eAgenda and has created a bridge between IT and the practical requirements of driving personnel.

Maxie Opatz herself describes our collaboration: «The further development of the eAgenda app was a successful project, which for me was characterised by the agile and uncomplicated nature of the collaboration. In particular, the interaction with Sinan and Christian was crucial. Their high availability and fast response times are qualities that I particularly appreciate. I could always rely on the team when difficulties arose.» – Maxie Opatz, Project Manager at BERNMOBIL

We hope that BERNMOBIL's drivers are served by our web app and that it simplifies their everyday work and look forward to further projects in the future. If you have any questions or are interested in the eAgenda or customised software projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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