On-Premises Signature Solution: More Control & Efficiency

As of October 2023 – Reading Time: 2 minutes

Great News for Corporate Customers and eSignR Partners: Starting in October 2023, eSignR, a signature software by Glue, offers a new solution with version 1.1.1, namely On-Premises Installation. This solution is designed to provide more control and efficiency in electronic signatures within the corporate environment.

eSignR On-Premises Installation: Flexibility & Control for Businesses
On-Premises Installation allows businesses to operate the eSignR software within their own system environment. The software is installed locally on the company's servers. Authorized signatories can use the software directly via their workplace browsers, eliminating the need to install eSignR software on employees' devices. Full control over data is maintained, and documents never leave the company's systems. -> Learn more about eSignR's On-Premises Solution.

Advantages of the On-Premises Solution
- No Installation on End Devices: The eSignR software no longer needs to be installed on employees' devices, simplifying the implementation of the digital signature process and reducing maintenance efforts.
- Freedom to Choose Hosting Environment: Companies can run parts of eSignR's server-side components in-house or with their preferred hosting provider, enabling integration into existing IT infrastructures.
- Data Privacy and Security: The On-Premises solution provides advanced protection by allowing physical control over data, permitting individual security policies, and operating in isolated networks.
- Integration into Workflow Systems: eSignR can be integrated into existing on-premises systems and workflows, facilitating alignment with existing business processes and increasing efficiency.
- Compliance: On-Premises solutions offer companies the control and adaptability they need to comply with regulations, especially in highly regulated industries.

eSignR's On-Premises solution promises more control, efficiency, and data privacy in the use of electronic signatures. -> Learn more about eSignR's On-Premises Solution

eSignR: Free 30-Day Trial
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