Debt collection register extract at the post office – Glue makes it possible

Since 2011, Glue has provided the solution for ordering debt enforcement extracts at the post. This solution was developed for the Post to meet the needs of people who cannot easily reach the nearest debt collection office or feel overwhelmed by the existing online process. In this report, you will learn how the application works, how it bridges the digital divide between online and offline users and what significant savings are possible through digitisation processes.

Digitisation of billing by debt collection offices
In the current project, we have further digitalised the ordering process for debt enforcement statements at the post office. Instead of receiving the invoices from the debt enforcement offices in paper form at the post office and processing them manually, as was previously the case, they are now delivered electronically by the debt enforcement offices, checked for authorisation and, if necessary, transmitted directly to Swiss Post's ERP system.

The "Debt Enforcement Extract at the Post Counter" service works as follows:
1. Capture of personal data: The post counter staff enters the relevant personal data into the V-Max application.
2. Data transmission: The Post sends the captured data via an encrypted channel to our web service.
3. Forwarding to the debt enforcement office: Our application automatically converts the data into the eSchKG protocol and electronically sends it to the appropriate debt enforcement office.
4. Response from the debt enforcement office: The debt enforcement office sends the requested debt enforcement extract as a PDF to our application.
5. Issuance and delivery of the extract: The Post prints the debt enforcement extract and sends it to the customer's address. Additionally, the extract is also available online as a PDF.
6. NEW: The electronic invoice from the debt enforcement office is processed by our application and automatically fed into the Post's ERP system.

The advantages of digitalisation projects
Digital transformation can have a significant impact on the efficiency of companies in just a few process steps, such as the ordering process for debt collection statements at the post office. Particularly when manual processes are digitised, digitisation can lead to high cost savings, as companies have significantly less personnel expenses. In addition, the reduction in paper consumption makes a positive contribution to the environment.

Small contribution to digitisation: Debt collection statement at the post office branch
We are pleased that we were able to realise the solution "debt collection statement in the post office branch" for our client Swiss Post and thus hopefully make a contribution to overcoming the digital divide. The beauty of this solution is that all postal customers benefit from the advantages of digitalisation, even if they do not have the necessary skills and/or means to use the online service. This solution is the result of a close collaboration with Swiss Post and we are proud to contribute to further digitalisation in Switzerland.

Contributing to Digitalization: Debt Enforcement Extract at the Post Counter
We are delighted to have significantly improved the "Debt Enforcement Extract at the Post Counter" service and successfully bridged the digital divide. Now, all Post customers can benefit from the advantages of digitalization, even if they do not have the necessary skills or means to utilize the online service. This solution is the result of close collaboration with the Post, and we are proud to contribute to further digitalization in Switzerland.

Images Source: Swiss Post AG

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