Relaunch of the Libero webshop

As of today, 1 May 2023, the time has come: the updated Libero-Webshop is launched and brings exciting innovations with it. As part of the project, the Mobility Solutions team of Glue Software Engineering was allowed to implement the front and back end for our client Bernmobil, which now offers users an even easier and more convenient way to use public transport in Switzerland.

The new Libero-Webshop offers the following new features:

  • Dynamic zone selection with interactive map: The webshop offers an interactive and user-friendly way to select the right season ticket or ticket by selecting a zone or entering a route. In this way, the user can quickly find the right product for his or her individual needs.

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    Note: If the user travels within the Libero network, a selected route is automatically converted into zones.

  • SwissPass: Registration takes place via the SwissPass connection, where all-season tickets are stored. Users can purchase season tickets for the Libero network as well as nationwide season tickets such as Half-Fare, GA or seven25.

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  • NOVA platform: The national public transport sales platform NOVA enables the processing of all tickets and season tickets. Users have access to a wide range of tickets and can purchase them conveniently via the new Libero webshop.

  • User profile management: The new Libero webshop offers the possibility to buy tickets for several people with the same account. All tickets purchased are stored in the Libero account. In addition, it is possible to store several means of payment and passengers, which speeds up and simplifies the purchasing process.

  • Payment methods: For private individuals, new payment methods such as TWINT are constantly being added to the traditional payment methods such as credit card or PayPal. All payments are processed via the payment service provider DataTrans.

  • Collaboration and technology: the recipe for success behind the new Libero Webshop
    The Libero Webshop project was commissioned by Bernmobil. Special thanks go to Anne Böhlen, who managed the project.

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    The team of "Herrn Bürli" and Dave Eggimann was consulted for the design, UX and usability testing. The frontend was programmed with Angular (HTML, SCSS, TypeScript), while the backend is based on Java.

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    The new webshop is a step towards a simpler, more user-friendly and seamless public transport experience for Swiss public transport users. The webshop can be accessed at

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