New – Create electronic notarial deeds with eSignR

With the latest version of eSignR, Swiss notaries can not only sign documents in a legally compliant manner, but also create identical electronic notarial deeds in accordance with EÖBV.

Requirements for the creation of electronic notarial deeds
In order to use the notary mode of eSignR, a notary must register in the Swiss Register of Notaries (UPReg) and get activated by the competent supervisory authority. After activation, the notary has the option of attaching electronic proof of his or her official authority to create electronic public deeds or electronic certifications (confirmation of approval) to PDF documents.

How do I create electronic notarial deeds with eSignR?
Read the step-by-step instructions “Create digital deeds in accordance to EÖBV”

Retain data sovereignty
Since eSignR is an on-premise solution, documents never leave your own infrastructure. This automatically ensures professional and official secrecy. If you feel the need to integrate eSignR into existing system landscapes or have further questions, arrange a non-binding consultation with one of our experts.

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