Electronic signature software eSignR 1.0 goes LIVE!

The first full version of eSignR 1.0 is available and will go live on 1 July 2022. With eSignR, the software for electronic signatures, we give security-conscious users the opportunity to sign qualified electronic documents risk-free according to Swiss and EU law without uploading confidential documents to cloud servers.

The digital age brings many advantages, such as the electronic signature. Unfortunately, this convenience also brings dangers. In recent years, cybercriminals have increasingly attacked cloud servers. In the process, privacy as well as professional and official secrets are violated and sensitive data is made publicly accessible. The publication of confidential data, which is also made possible by insecure electronic signature software, can get companies into big trouble. This is a problem that, apart from the complete abandonment of cloud services, has not yet been solved.


The Swiss Confederation discovered this problem early on and therefore commissioned Glue Software Engineering AG in 2008 to develop an electronic signature solution that does not require cloud services. This resulted in the Open eGov LocalSigner, which has been used by over 54,000 users.


The electronic signature is a small but essential part of digitalisation. As a risk-conscious IT company, the security aspect is paramount in our products. For this reason, we decided to develop eSignR. eSignR builds on the same criteria used for Open eGov LocalSigner: Documents are treated confidentially and never leave their own device during the electronic signature process! Our customers and employees should also be able to rely on a risk-free local alternative for electronic signature processes, in contrast to cloud-based competitor products.


The eSignR is available to private individuals as well as companies in a flat rate subscription for qualified electronic signatures (QES signatures) in the Swiss and European legal area. So that you can see eSignR for yourself, we are offering you the first month free of charge for testing.


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