Public Transport

Glue offers a range of innovative solutions and services for the Swiss Public Transport sector. Our solutions offer maximum customer benefit combined with a convincing price-performance ratio.

What began with MEZI, a mobile app providing commuters with real-time departure information for the Berne regional public transport network, has since expanded and has been adopted by a number of transport companies Swiss-wide. Our comprehensive public transport portfolio solution now incorporates the following features:

  • With the IncidentManager you communicate with templates, text modules and autocontent via web, push messages, e-mail lists, SMS, social media, DFI, etc.
  • DisplayManager provides setup and management of web displays for passenger information
  • JourneyPlanner is based on its own routing engine and allows multimodal travel planning

The public transport platform as the technical basis is implemented as a microservices architecture, thus lending itself to easy adaptation to meet future requirements in a fast moving public transport sector.

Roland Loser

Head of Mobile Applications

Multifunctional Operations Assistant MBA: A simple operations control system by combining web service and smartphone app.

Glue frequently contributes expertise and participates in public transport software development projects.

ÖV Plus-App

Use ÖV Plus to easily find the best ticket within the Libero Zone in Berne.


Glue developed the frontend app for recording operating data of BERNMOBIL staff, in cooperation with Moveo Software GmbH.


MBA is a user-friendly operations control system for recording real-time data, with a control center and interfaces for quality assurance / reporting.