Mobility behaviour is changing and so are the needs of passengers. The «ÖV Plus-App» developed by Glue for BERNMOBIL accompanies its customers into the future with new functions.

One «swipe» and the passenger has purchased a valid ticket. When depositing a SwissPass, the «ÖV PLUS-App» also takes Half-Fare and Libero season tickets into account and at the end of the day calculates the best price for the journey. Since the current release of the app, public transport tickets for the whole of Switzerland are finally available, including supersaver tickets and 1-day travelpasses.

In addition to stops, parking garages in the city of Bern as well as the locations and number of bicycles and e-bikes of the bike sharing providers PubliBike and Smide are now displayed.
Travellers can, of course, continue to plan their journey directly from one destination to the next. Whether it's a place to work, a park or a landmark – the «ÖV Plus–App» calculates travel time and route in real time from start to end.

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The new «ÖV Plus-App» with check-in/check-out function:

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The «ÖV Plus-App» explained in a video (only in german)