Glue to host a Swiss Wifi HaLow workshop

Glue is proud to announce to host the first Swiss Wifi HaLow workshop on June 5th in Berne, with researchers and professionals from many institutions.

Wifi HaLow is a new wireless technology for IoT and an IEEE 802.11ah standard since 2017. It uses the same license-free frequency band as Lora (863-868 MHz), but provides much greater throughput and a much higher range within buildings than Wifi at 2.4 GHz.

Only very recently, chips, modules and devices have become available for this fascinating advanced wireless technology. Because auf stringent regulations within the EU and CH in terms of TX-power, bandwidth and duty-cycle, it has not been clear how useful this would be in our area.

This workshop aims to bring together the competences from several technical universities (FH), EPFL & ETHZ to discuss the potential of Wifi HaLow for the Swiss IoT industry. The results of several EU focused evaluations will be presented, including recent work done by EFPL's Telecom & Circuits Lab at EPFL. The presentations from this workshop will be made available to interested parties upon request.